Karma dealership in West Palm Beach, FL

To the pleasure of many, the Karma has been resurrected in the sleek lines and smiling grille of the Revero. At Karma Palm Beach, we are proud to be an ambassador for the brand here in Palm Beach. Our history and our experience in the automotive world has allowed us to become a dominant force in unique, exotic, and out-of-this-world vehicles. We are excited to add Karma and the new Revero model to our repertoire.

If this wasn’t already obvious, a Karma is not your average vehicle. These days, cars have been homogenized and commoditized. They are no longer something to own, but something to purchase. A Karma is different. A Karma is built to inspire. Built to toss aside the shackles of automotive technology and design. A Karma is what happens when engineers and designers get together and ask what’s possible instead of asking what’s been done before.

Combining hybrid technology with the iconic design that Karma has become known for, the Revero is like no other car out there on the road. From the front, to the back, to the interior, to the drivetrain, everything is unique and like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Whether you are marveling at the hand painted badge, enjoying the loaded technology, or simply letting the sun charge your Revero through its roof mounted solar panels, you can be sure that you have made the right decision. Just look at that fearsome smile. This is the primal car of the future, and it still has the practical room of a four-door sedan. If you are interested in the Revero or other future Karma products, then reach out to us. Let’s have a conversations about what makes these vehicles so special.

Though we are based out of Florida here in Palm Beach, we can supply our cars to nearly anyone, nearly anywhere. Whether you live in the neighboring states or anywhere in the Southeast, count on Karma Palm Beach, to be your Karma provider and servicer. 


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Karma: Not your typical automobile.